Who We Are

Who are XenonDigital?

Our business has been developed out of passion for online business.

For many years Andrew Jones owned and managed a multitude of web businesses using the services of many digital agencies across the country . Through this experience he became frustrated with the lack of understanding from other agencies for how and what our businesses were about.

Over the past 10 years we have spent many thousands of pounds building websites, PPC campaigns and the infamous SEO services. Like many of you we have learned the hard way wasting a extortionate amount of money on phantom services. In order to succeed, throughout this time we had to assimilate an in-depth knowledge of the functional requirements of an e-business, becoming specialists in Search and eCommerce strategy.

Why XenonDigital was created

XenonDigital is an amalgamation of  eCommerce business management with digital marketing and development abilities. Merging these experiences give us a unique understanding and enable us to provide a first class and effective service.

Our services are used by a mixture of agencies and clients alike, providing a consultative approach to digital marketing and outsourced development.

We already have a host of satisfied clients see the testimonials below: